We've been called:
Essex , Rix , and even Esrix .

But calling us ESSRX letter by letter?
Not so easy for our clients.

For our curious friends, ESSRX stood for Event Support Services RX , where the RX represented the pharmaceutical industry. Times have changed and changed fast. We needed a name that more accurately described the wide breadth of services we provide and industries we serve.

We now have a name and company you won't forget or mispronounce... Inception Digital.


We have all seen the meteorologists on TV with the weather charts and graphics changing behind them, or a Hollywood blockbuster film set in a fantasy world that only exists in the movies. These are 2 examples of the use of green screen, ranging from the simple to the more complicated production styles.

The benefits of choosing green screen over a traditional “in camera” production are many and varied. Creatively it offers an almost endless set of possibilities, including total control over the shooting environment, animations and interactivity. We create engaging visual impact, giving your video a unique look that is truly your own.

Logistically, a green screen can be set up almost anywhere for a fraction of the cost of a full-service production studio. It can eliminate expensive location fees and/or set design and build costs.

Do you have difficulties scheduling multiple speakers for a shoot? We will shoot separate talent in multiple locations, on different days, and then in post-production edit them so that they appear on screen together, interacting, as if there were on set together the whole time.

Additionally, when changes arise, editing can correct most, if not all, changes without the need to re-shoot and incur additional costs. If a re-shoot does need to take place, we are able to seamlessly insert the new footage into existing videos.

When producing your next video, green screen is truly the way to go! Let us show you how we will create engaging, unique, and dynamic videos that will set your brand and messages apart!


Today, webcast solutions are available whenever and wherever you need them. You have the option to produce webcasts from your office, or virtually any other location.  Your webcast provider should provide a fully-managed solution, including all necessary equipment and personnel to execute the webcast. You should work with your provider to incorporate interactive features like audience polling and live Q&A. You should also have the option to implement your webcast live, pre-taped, or on-demand. Your audiences should have the option to watch webcasts at home, in their offices, on their mobile devices, or in a restaurant or other venue. Check out the short video below featuring Inception Digital’s new solution called UltraLT Production.

Leading companies have learned to leverage the power of live video streaming technology, recognizing that local meetings that feature national thought leaders are powerful marketing tools. ..And the financial savings and benefits are substantial.

Virtual meetings offer a better, less-costly paradigm. Through nationwide partnerships with restaurant chains and hotels, virtual programming companies help clients minimize all but the meal costs, which conservatively results in savings of 75 percent or more when travel and lost work time are considered. Using the latest in broadcast and Internet bandwidth technology, customers can assemble for local events featuring live, interactive broadcasts of thought leaders, executives and other professionals. For example, Inception Digital works with hundreds of venues, nationwide, to provide all the facilities that not only present high-quality HD broadcasts, but also support moderated Q&A and other interactive communications. The huge logistical savings greatly exceed the production costs at a dedicated studio or even remote locations which include healthcare professional offices. Of course, web technology extends live or recorded broadcasts to any attendee with access to a computer, tablet, smartphone or iOS device.

A virtual broadcast network is the perfect medium to address a dozen, or hundreds, of healthcare providers and specialists throughout the country with a live presentation from leading researchers and thought leaders. It’s a quality experience:

  • It’s away from the doctors’ offices, creating a relaxed and receptive audience
  • It provides a professional gathering with top quality information delivered by leading experts and researchers
  • The doctors have the opportunity to question the experts in real time
  • Pharma companies can schedule events at the frequency they desire.
  • It allows companies to quickly disseminate the latest news about research and products.
  • Doctors unable to attend can “tune in” via web devices or watch on-demand at their convenience
  • Online registration facilities can be used to track attendance, prepare required reporting, create leads and shape future marketing/sales efforts

Broadcast and webcast solutions are already a reality to dozens of companies spanning many industries. Leaders in the virtual meeting industry like Inception Digital provide the technology and logistics to bring these solutions to pharma as well.

Digital is Impacting Pharma

Sunday, 28 June 2015 by

Digital is impacting pharma—big time. But just as the industry becomes comfortable in social and better at data collection, new trends and players are emerging as tech giants such as Google and Apple dip their toes into healthcare. PM360 asked 13 experts about the latest, most important trends in digital, the impact of tech companies entering the space, and how digital can solve healthcare’s most pressing needs.

Until recently, technology was lacking for pharma reps to readily and easily share “live” or dynamic “on demand” national thought leader content with their docs. Pharma reps had to rely on flat detail aids and journal articles to promote therapeutic benefits and risks.

Today, the pharma segment leads most industries in taking advantage of the power of live broadcasts to share critical information with doctors and re-inforce rep relationships. Brand teams recognize the power of experiential marketing through content rich sharing of the latest data and trends and keeping docs and reps local. For instance, by using in-place, high-definition broadcast technology in private dining rooms across the country or leveraging “Green screen” on-demand video productions, teams can improve the attention and engagement of HCPs with dynamic and animated slides.

Pharma reps sit side-by-side with docs and together react to live broadcasts and submit their questions for responses. Live streaming technologies to laptops and mobile devices have dramatically improved, and the production quality of the programs is akin to watching professionally produced television news programs.


Improved Lunch and Learn Programs

This dramatic improvement in broadcast and Internet bandwidth technology has also made “lunch and learn” programs and dinner events with live broadcasts commonplace. In fact, some brand teams offer one or two live broadcasts per month with varying thought leader panels. This could be anything from hosting 20 or more doctors in a private dining room or just sitting with a few doctors and sharing a live broadcast in an office setting on a laptop or mobile device.

Additionally, pharma training departments are also recognizing they can accomplish sales rep training at the local level with similar setups at nearby venues. Not only are savings in hotel and air travel quite substantial, but reps also spend less time away from the field.

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Demand “Data” From Your Digital Broadcast Provider

Part 3 in a series of blog posts about virtual events and digital broadcasting.

When you offer a web conference, webcast or other digital broadcast, wouldn’t you like to be able to measure the results?

Robust Registration

Your broadcast is a beneficial engagement mechanism with your audience. You provide valuable information to them, and they provide something valuable in return. Typically, their value to you is their participation in the program and contact information. .  Many of them will be colleagues, clients, and ideally, future collaborators.

The best way to collect viewer information is through an online registration portal. You must be able to customize this portal for your brand and the type of information you want to acquire. A quality registration system gives you the data in an electronic format that can be stored in a database, exported to spreadsheets, as well as imported into other application tools that enable you to effectively utilize the collected information.

You want to be able to qualify contacts and provide accurate and professional follow up. Therefore, their contact information is most important; name, organization, and email are usually sufficient. You may also want to ask other qualification questions during registration in order to have an accurate view of your audience before the event. This valuable information will also help you tailor your message to your audience.

Registration information must be available on an as needed basis. A good provider has options for you to access this business critical information.  This can be through a web portal, as well as by sending registration details electronically.  The information will assist you to keep track of expected registration levels, or identify whether you may need to ramp up recruiting activities to boost registration. Nothing is worse than a live broadcast with few attendees.

Activity Tracking and Reporting

Your event platform must offer numerous opportunities to engage the audience. Your audience can be active and engaged attendees. Live polls, Q&A sessions, and a post-event survey are just a few opportunities to get to know your audience and learn what drives them. That gathered data will provide dividends to you and support enhanced engagement with your audience.

A quality digital event platform tracks any interaction with any individual registered for the event. So when you start your follow-up process, you know how an individual responded to your polls, and whether they submitted any questions for the Q&A. You’ll also know how long each attendee stayed in the event. By offering an exchange of information, and tracking your audiences’ activities, you initiated the relationship. You are now prepared to begin the next step with your contacts with informed business follow-up activities.


Business relies heavily upon data and analytics. The more you can take advantage of this technology, the more successful your digital broadcasting events will be. Don’t settle for a provider who cannot collect and deliver the data and analysis you need to maximize your investment in the event.

We Want To Hear From You

Do you have any stories about data and analytics regarding digital broadcast events? Do you have an idea or question that wasn’t covered here? If so,  please leave a comment below.

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Demand “Accessibility” From Your Digital Broadcast Provider

Part 2 in a series of blog posts about virtual events and digital broadcasting.

We live in a time of unprecedented options concerning how we receive information. A content provider can no longer set the ground rules and expect everyone to accept them. Flexibility is the key to maximizing your reach to your target audience.

Any Device

Content has evolved to the point where it can adapt to many physical platforms. Laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets – everyone has their preferred device. When you offer digital content, over the web, streaming video, or live digital broadcast, you must accommodate the most common device options. Convenience and ease of accessibility is key. If you require people to receive your message on one type of device, you lose viewers. Here is a list of devices you should consider for maximum accessibility.

• Desktop / Laptop – Windows and Mac
• Tablets – iOS and Android
• Mobile Device / Smartphone – iOS, and Android
• Dial-in and VOIP audio

Your audience doesn’t want to download another app! Select a partner that leverages technology directly to the web, without app installation requirements.

Any Time Frame

Live digital broadcasts can be highly effective. But in most cases, there will be people in your ideal target audience who cannot attend an initial broadcast. A strong digital broadcasting partner will provide a recording of the live event, and offer it as an OnDemand version. It should be available 24/7.

The Key to Venue-based Broadcast Events

Few methods of communication are better than a captive audience. Your venue can make or break the event. The venue must be convenient and desirable to get robust attendance. The facility must support the technological requirements of your broadcast. Here are some considerations when selecting a venue for your event.

• Is the bandwidth truly dedicated and the highest quality stream?
• Is the video projection system large enough for the entire room to see clearly?
• Is the audio system of high quality?
• Is the staff proficient in the operation of the A/V system?
• Does the venue have the appropriate capacity and seating arrangement for your audience?

Make sure your digital broadcast provider has relationships in place with a variety of venues. When you broadcast a live digital feed to your venue, you want to be sure the venue and the broadcast provider have successfully worked together in the past. If the venue has not been used in the past, your broadcast partner should assess and evaluate the technology available and review speed available for your program.

We Want To Hear From You
Do you have any stories about accessibility regarding digital broadcast events? Do you have an idea or question that wasn’t covered here? If so, please leave a comment below.

Demand Engagement from your Audience


Part 1 in a series of blog posts about virtual events and digital broadcasting.

Let’s focus on a critical factor for a successful virtual event – Engagement.  Engagement turns your virtual event from a one-way monologue to an interactive, highly memorable program that stays top-of-mind for your audience long after the closing remarks. If your attendees log on and passively watch the screen and listen to the audio, you’ve left a lot of opportunity on the table, and, what’s more, you’ve missed the chance to interact and learn from your audience. Here are a few items you should include as part of your virtual event to maintain a high level of engagement.


Live polls allow you to connect with your audience throughout the program. Whether you’re asking about demographics or gleaning their opinions on a topic or product, you automatically elevate the importance of your viewers by giving them a share of the spotlight, The questions can be true/false, multiple choice, “select all that apply,” case review responses or whatever best supports your content and messaging. The results are available immediately, and can become a key talking point in the event.

There are two types of polls that provide distinct benefits to the event sponsor: A Knowledge Poll lets you learn how savvy your audience is on a specific topic or issue. Ask a tough question. If a majority of the audience gets it right, you know you have a knowledgeable group of attendees. If the results are scattered, you can use it as a teaching moment. Depending on the results, you can adjust the tone of your presentation on the fly. One favorite use of this type of poll is to dispel myths and misconceptions. You provide the question; the participants flock to one or more “obvious” answers; you show the participants the correct answer; and you explain it in detail. You’ve just taught them something beneficial they can share with their colleagues. When done right, this can raise eyebrows and greatly increase your credibility.

A Qualification Poll lets you learn valuable information about your audience that can directly support your event goal. With well-crafted polling questions, you can learn about:

  • Decision making ability
  • Size and scope information about a participant’s business
  • Current usage of the types of products and services you offer
  • Plans to move to a new platform/technology/system in your arena

A dynamic virtual event platform will track how each attendee has responded to any poll, which can steer you to some follow-up conversations with participants after the event.

Live Q&A

Any time a virtual event features well-known industry experts, you can bet that your audience will want to interact with them.  Allow audience members to submit questions throughout the event. You can address specific questions in a Q&A session after a formal presentation, throughout the event, and/or in the period before you wrap things up and sign off. This keeps the audience engaged, and they are more likely to stay focused until the end of your program. The best part is you can follow up after the event to make sure that questions were satisfactorily addressed. A good rule of thumb is to plan for the Q&A to comprise 15-25% of the total time of your virtual event.

Live Social Media

Social media has become a major conduit between live events and the world at large. Throughout some events, people post their thoughts and reactions or share an interesting quote or fact. People with a large following often feel motivated to share their experience with their followers. If you capitalize on Twitter or any other social media for your event, make sure you tune into the conversations. Select an appropriate Twitter hashtag (#) for your event and share it with your audience wherever you can. Depending on your event and its audience, you may want to utilize LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, or Instagram so people can share information about your event as it is happening.

We Want To Hear From You

Have you used polling or live social media to engage your audience during a virtual event? If so, do you have any success stories, best practices, or recommendations? Please leave a comment below.

National live broadcasting

Doing the same with less. We all understand the challenge of repeating a successful, high-volume program but spending less than you did the last time. High-Definition Virtual Live Broadcasts are the answer to that challenge. Are you ready to do more with less?

A world renowned insurance company hosted one of the largest-ever live virtual broadcasts to financial advisors, banks, investors, and others. This broadcast reached over 1,800 clients, managers and advisors in 48 different venues, as well as additional constituents throughout the world who accessed the live program on their laptops and mobile devices, including iPhones, iPads, and more.

The company broadcast their message at a fraction of the cost compared to the cost of bringing the audience together in one centralized location. Their message was delivered and received in the highest quality manner possible.

Digital Broadcasting – An Alternative to High Cost Conventions and Events

There was a time when financial organizations would hold massive conventions in order to convey information and promote their products and brand. Companies that wanted to train, inform, and discuss initiatives with those in the financial community had to find ways to gather significant numbers of busy individuals, from around the region and world, into a single area.

It is expensive, and always a challenge to justify the cost of such events. With the recent advances in live digital broadcasting, you can “virtually” bring your financial expertise, knowledge, and news to anyone that you’re trying to reach in a dynamic and interactive manner. Your target audience is able to remain local and still reap the advantages of your event.

Benefits of a Digital Broadcast:

  • Lower Cost – as an insurance or financial company, you’re focused on preserving capital and making money for clients and your organization. Advances in digital broadcast platforms give you a chance to reach more people for less cost than any other form of broadcasting.
  • Greater Reach – When your programs are more convenient for attendees and don’t require travel, they are more likely to attend an event. Digital broadcasting to an expansive number of locations at one time makes it far more likely you will attain your desired turnout. Greater reach begets greater success and increases your bottom line.
  • High Quality Production – Production quality is important for branding, and for extolling the significance of the speakers and your messages. You need top notch TV-production camera teams, producers, directors, and the technology to transmit the high definition quality your audience expects from an organization of your stature.

An Active Audience is a Productive Audience

Audience engagement and interaction is critical to the success of your event. Make sure you use a digital broadcast provider that leverages a multitude of interactive tools, enabling your broadcast to be much more dynamic than a “flat” video presentation. Consider these interactive features:

  • Live Q&A –Enable attendees at all remote locations to ask questions and hear answers from your esteemed panelists in real time. . You vet and prioritize the questions before they get “aired,” to stay in compliance with regulatory and marketing guidelines.
  • Polling – Enhance the interactive nature of your event with audience polls that challenge audience assumptions and test participant knowledge.
  • Social Media Activities – Create live digital conversations that not only allow you to interact with attendees, but also help grow your social media following.

Virtual Media Events are the New Normal

The insurance and financial services industries are changing rapidly. People are going online for banking, investments, insurance, and so much more, and communication and learning are no longer restricted to large conventions and meetings. Now is the time to leverage the latest technology to reach your audience in the most efficient manner possible. Your top line and your bottom line can be significantly improved by employing digital broadcasting for your target audiences.

More Info on Name Change

Thursday, 09 October 2014 by

We’ve received some excellent feedback and fielded some questions about the name change. If you would like to know more, this link to our press release should answer a lot of your questions. You can also contact your account manager for more information about the change.

Our name has changed but our ownership, employees and client commitment remain the same.


ESSRX is now Inception Digital

Wednesday, 08 October 2014 by

We are so excited to announce our company’s name change from ESSRX to Inception Digital! The name Inception Digital aptly reflects our prominent position at the forefront of live video broadcast and web conference technology!  Over the past decade we’ve grown from a small, entrepreneurial AV equipment provider to the leading provider of multi-location video broadcasts  and web conferences.

We look forward to continuing to provide cutting edge technology in the digital space to our current customers as well as forming relationships with new ones! Revisit our blog often for company updates, innovative ideas, and more information on our services.